We’re the Miami Brew Bus

We want to introduce you to the Miami beer scene! The opening of several new breweries in late 2013 and early 2014 sent Miami into a frenzy looking for ways to visit them all. The explosion of wildly delicious craft beer left beer geeks in a tough spot when trying to decide which breweries to hit first. But at the time, no one was providing an opportunity to safely experience them all—hence, the Miami Brew Bus was born. We forged relationships with local breweries who always put integrity over mass production by brewing small batches and using insanely fresh ingredients. Our aim was to put a spotlight on these beer artisans by curating tours that give a full spectrum look at the breweries making our city so unique. The Miami Brew Bus has one mission: to take you on the best tasting tour of Miami's locally brewed craft beer and create an experience that will leave you feeling connected to South Florida and our local ingredients. 

Before the craft beer revolution, Miami was more widely known for cocktails and our vibrant party scene, but a grassroots movement toward community, inspired by local brewers, gave way to the thriving beer culture you see today. The common denominator of each South Florida brewery is the creative, hard working, salt of the earth brewers using local tropical fruits and exotic ingredients to make their mark on the city. Miami is breaking the traditional mold and making a truly unique beer experience that pays homage to our metropolitan melting pot. Every brewery has it's own take on what makes craft beer great, which is why our tours are incredibly diversified. So weather you're a tourist, a local or somewhere in-between, now you can enjoy brewery hopping all while drinking a cold one and getting 'schooled' on the booming craft beer scene in Miami.